What is the Holy Grail?

The origins of the Grail are lost in history and folklore, and it has become the preserve of mystics, artists and story tellers.  But modern science, computer games and virtual reality also have something to say.

Gavin Dulake, a 21  Century 'Knight', sets out to seek the Grail, though unaware that this is his quest.  He is guided (or enticed?) by the Grail King's bewitching daughter, the desirable and enigmatic Elaine.

GrailSeeker tells Gavin's story, but opens the way to many more.

GrailSeeker is a novel, with a straightforward narrative overlaid on the structure of a fantasy computer game.  It is also a lot more than that.

It is a modern re-telling of the Arthurian tales of the Quest for the Holy Grail.

It is a love story.

It is a game of ideas and possibilities.

It is a search for the truth behind the mystery of the Grail.

The Truth can be told only through Fiction!