This is the first game that I have made in collaboration with someone else.  It is based upon an outline game by my Italian friend, built around the garden of her apartment building.  We developed the game between us, sharing ideas for scenarios and puzzles, as well as much of the artwork as she is a talented illustrator.  I programmed the game using the  Adventure Games Studio (AGS).

The Garden of Hades is another surreal first person adventure in which players have to save the soul of a woman held by Hades, the ancient god of the dead.  There are five different scenarios: a little girl's dream, a young woman's psychedelic trip, a comic book journey into space, a pack of Tarot cards in a puppet theatre, and a detective story concerning a Chinese plate.  
These challenges must be overcome before the final confrontation with Hades himself.

This game is a little shorter than my previous adventure games, and there is less emphasis on puzzle solving.

AVailable soon!

VIDEO TRAILER Garden of Hades

I like including fairground scenes in my games!

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