This was my first attempt at an adventure game, originally created in the late 1980s on a Sinclair QL.  I based my game on one called Lands of Havoc, in which the player controlled a small green lizard-man who had to negotiate a collection of mazes, shooting monsters and collecting tokens to take him to the next level.  In my game the hero was a little Lego-like knight who had to get into the Hidden Kingdom to rescue an abducted princess.  The monsters had to be evaded rather than shot, and I added some adventure elements that were lacking in the original:  a basic story, an inventory and a few simple puzzles.

When I discovered the Adventure Games Studio (AGS) in 2005, I decided to rework my old QL game, adding more sophisticated graphics, sound and animations.  I simplified the mazes and removed many of the monsters, though it was still quite easy for the main character (now a fairytale adventurer named Jack) to die.  I also added a more detailed back-story, some serious puzzles, and changed the method of navigation from keyboard to mouse point and click.

In 2008 I presented it to the gaming world via the AGS database and forums.  It had a mixed reception; a number of players really enjoyed it, but it also received a lot of criticism.
I think that maybe it was too much of a hybrid between a maze game and an adventure game.  In retrospect, I view it as an interesting experiment, and I learnt a great deal from making it.

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