I have been keen on playing and making games since the 1950s.
In my teens I made treasure hunts and puzzles, and in the 1960s I developed a board game based upon a simplified quest.
This was called
Haunted Castle and included some elements found in adventure games.  Many years later I made a computer version of this game.

In the 1980s, when home computers became affordable, I bought myself a Sinclair QL.  I also bought an early commercial game for my son called Lands of Havoc, which featured mazes with monsters in.  I was inspired to try my hand at making something similar, though I added some adventure elements that were lacking in the original.  My game had a simple story and some puzzles, and did not depend upon shooting the monsters.  I called it Once Upon A Time.

I reworked my old QL game into something more like a proper adventure game in 2003, using a program provided free by the Adventure Games Studio.  I added more sophisticated graphics, sound and animations, and changed the method of navigation from keyboard to mouse point-and-click.

It was only moderately successful, but what I learned from making it allowed me to create a much better game with my next attempt.   Adventure Island is a light hearted homage to point-and-click adventure games, with a spectrum of puzzles of varying difficulty and a number of fully voiced characters to interact with.   An ambitious project, it took me five years to complete.

All of my games are in the Adventure Games Studio database.
I have given a link to the entry for each game, which includes comments about the game by other players.

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