My second full length adventure was a more ambitious project; mainly programmed in third person mode, it also had a couple of short first person sections.  I wanted to make a game that was as close to a good commercial game as I could manage, so I invested in some software that allowed me to create three dimensional characters that could walk diagonally as well as forward, back, left or right.  All the characters were voiced as well, thanks to help from friends and family.

My vision for the game was of a light hearted, affectionate tribute to a genre of game I love, and to a handful of my favourite games in particular.  I gave it an island setting (very original!) - an island divided into eight areas that reflected different types of classic adventure game - and tied these together with my own original story.  I did not want my game to be just a poor copy of my 'role models' so I endeavoured to create my own game-play in their particular styles, with puzzles that were as original as I could make them and not just copies of those in existing games.

I launched the game on the Adventure Games Studio (AGS) forum in 2013, and it has generally been very well received by those who have played it.  Its relative success has encouraged me to promote it more widely so that it can be enjoyed by others who, like me, obtain considerable satisfaction form playing this type of game.

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